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My message is one of everyday life. We are raised with unspoken loyalty to family and tradition. We identify with things unconsciously. Then we project these things with attachments to people or conditions only to find when they are not met we feel violated, hurt, or misunderstood. We create scenarios in our head and want others to know about them without ever sharing               Click Here for more

   About Author

                            Judy Osuna is the Founder and                             Director of Freedom Legacy. She discovered on her spiritual path the love of service. While interning for her Practitoner license, Judy would go to Federal Correctional Institution (FCI), Terminal Island prison to speak on spiritual practices and pray. She thought she would be helping "them". She found her own freedom through helping others.
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I look forward to chatting with you and hear what brought you to check out the site and my book, Prison Without Bars.

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